Say Goodbye To Eye Problems With Khairabad Eye Hospital in Kanpur

Are you due for a routine eye examination? Do you have a low vision therapy for macular degeneration pending? Or looking for a well-versed ophthalmologist for treating your dry eye syndrome? Whatever it is, your eyes are an important part of your health. Nowadays, a lot of eye diseases have become commonplace, affecting people lose their vision or going blind for life. To avoid such stressful situations, it is important to take good care of your eyes, identify the impairment, and treat any potential diseases as early as possible.

To ensure best eye care for one and all, we present our state-of-the-art facility with key focus on excellent patient care. Located in the hustling city of Kanpur, Khairabad Eye Hospital is one of the best eye hospital in Kanpur. The hospital specializes in all kinds of retinal surgeries within the city, including cataract treatment, glaucoma, or LASIK. The hospital is also known for Phaco training imparted to budding ophthalmologists.

Khairabad Eye Hospital, stands as one of the pioneer institutes dedicated to exceptional eye care services in the Northern India region. Our services are well-catered to people from different parts and backgrounds of India. The hospital was originally established in Sitapur in the year 1942 by Late Dr. P.N. Mahendra.

With a vision to serve the rich and the poor alike with the most modern ophthalmic techniques, medical amenities, and surgical practices, all under same roof, the Kanpur Centre was established and developed by Dr. Y.K. Mahendra in the year 1975. The Kanpur Centre has been renamed as Dr. P.N. Mahendra Eye Foundation with due respect to the founder.

The Khairabad Eye Hospital has a three story building in Swaroop Nagar, a posh locality of Kanpur with several super specialty services. The foundation works closely with the hospital staff and aim to serve as many people with limited means of income and treat all of their eyesight related problems. The hospital is run by highly qualified and trained ophthalmologists along with a fleet of excellent staff working day and night to help people. Also, very soon we will be having a modern modular operation theatre with top-class infrastructure and amenities.

Our Specialty Services include:

  • - Glaucoma
  • - Cataract
  • - Contact Lens
  • - Squint
  • - Posterior segment (Vitreo-retinal services)
  • - Retinal surgeries

We also offer Emergency Vision Care, whether something got in your eye and damaged your cornea, or your eyes are doing something they don’t usually, we are there to help you.

Our recommendations:

  • - People diagnosed with diabetes must get a routine examination of eyes every six months to detect Cataract
  • - Children must undergo vision screening in school (a school mandate)
  • - Adults are suggested to get a vision screening during a health check-up camp or privately.
  • - Adults must undergo a comprehensive dilated eye exam for better results.

Remember, your eyes are the windows to the soul. Take good care of them without fail.