Phaco Training in Kanpur, India

To impart the latest technology, to train young ophthalmologists from all over the world, we started phaco/SICS Observation & hands-on training programme in 2004. It was the vision of Dr. Y.K. Mahendra to provide a platform for easy access to practical training especially to young and budding ophthalmologists by skilled and highly qualified surgeons in the form of observation and surgical hands-on training. Up till now we have trained more than 300 ophthalmologists from all over the world . (for reference, their email id can be provided to you. You can contact us for the same)


i.          Fellowship /short term hands-on SICS training (2-4) weeks

ii.         Fellowship/ short term hands-on Phaco training (2-8)



Training Program

Following are the details of the cases that you will participate in:

Sr. Period Total No. of Cases
1  2 Weeks  30 Cases
2  3 Weeks 45 Cases
3  4 Weeks 60 Cases
4  6 Weeks 100 Cases


By our experience we suggest beginners to consider at least 4 weeks and 6 weeks training programs and to brush up the skills the trainees can opt for 2 weeks or 3 weeks training course.


1. Single Accommodation with attached bath and kitchenette (if available)

2. Housekeeping(if you stay in Hospital)

3. Laundry Services (on charge)

4. Internet Services (on charge)

5. A log book will be provided to maintain all case details for future use.

6. A Certificate will be given at the end of the course.

Interested Candidates can call or whatsapp on the the below mentioned contact numbers. 

Contact : Mrs. Manju Mahendra 09450939492, Dr. Ashish Mahendra 09839029438



Phaco training: A revolution among the Lasik surgeons

A cataract is a growing concern all around the world where the clouding of vision occurs over time. It starts with blurred vision or discomfort in the eyes and slowly and gradually, the eye forms clumps that  restrain the lens of your eye from sending a clear image to your retina. The causes of Cataract can vary, ranging from natural factors like aging and genetics to harmful exterior ones like pollution and excessive sunlight. It grows faster in youth or diabetic individuals and might require surgery to evade out the problem. Phaco surgery is preferred over traditional methods because of it’s proven results and fast recovery time. We offer the best Phaco training in India for aspiring surgeons. The in depth course gives surgeons the confidence to perform complex surgeries independently once they successfully complete the course.

We have the advanced instruments and highly qualified faculty available to offer you extensive training in our training center. We intend to make the aspiring Lasik surgeons confident and competent enough to handle the Phaco procedures by the end of the training.

Who is eligible for Phaco

There are several symptoms of cataract, like a steady increase in blurred vision. A person may often feel magnified glares from the light sources harmful to their eyes. Sometimes it comes with an improvement in the sight before actually worsening the situation. One of the most common signs of cataract is that the vision becomes blurred in the sunlight, as the light is excessively bright. In most of the cases, specialists diagnose the problem and assign various kinds of safety and prevention measures. Most of the time, it is possible to get relief from the medication. However, if the situation worsens to the level where the vision might get impaired, surgery will be suggested. Due to the high success rate and elimination of future problems, Phaco Surgery is widely preferred all around the globe.

The procedure of Phaco surgery

Phaco Surgery begins by making a small incision of around three millimeters to the eye. An ultrasonic probe is then inserted in the cut to vibrate and break the cloudy lens into the tiny pieces. The same probe is capable of sucking out the parts like a vacuum to clean the eye. After the initial procedure, an intraocular lens is installed with an accurate solution for the recovery of a perfect vision. Usually, the method requires anesthetic measures to numb the area and prevent the movement of the eye. As the eye is one of the most delicate human organs, and sensitive, it is essential to restrain its actions and eliminate any chance of additional harm or damage.

Since its discovery, over the years, Phaco surgery has seen several new integration and innovations. Best Phaco Training in Northern India offers individuals to gain extreme precision which entitles them to make small incisions and complete the entire procedure within 20 minutes. It calibrates the modern methods and IOLs for the best results. There have been original techniques like ‘chop’ and ‘phaco flip.’ As modern equipment improves in the performance, it has become possible to remedy Cataract with just a 1.4mm of an incision.

Career prospects with Short term phaco training in India

As stated above, Cataract is a growing concern. Due to climate change, an increase in the intensity of the sunlight and general pollution, the risk of Cataract has grown. According to some of the statistics, more than half of the individuals over the age of 65 are prone to developing a cataract.

It is a preferred method and one of the safest. There are several Hands-on Phaco/SICS Training Center offering additional certification courses and short term courses which can benefit any individual. Just like other professions, it has become possible to focus the expertise in one field (.i.e- Phaco in this case) and develop a prosperous career out of the acquired skill.

Why should students opt for Phaco

In India, everything is competitive. Any profession requires us to develop our assets and skills which we can showcase. Most of the time, the rigorous education system does not grant us the luxury to integrate ourselves with specialized capabilities. Everyone is trying to find a way to stand out and become a valuable professional in their field. While most of the Ophthalmologists and Optometrists are well-versed in surgical procedures, as a student aiming for the profession, Phaco surgery is capable of providing an additional edge to the person.

Several professional industries now require a well-developed skill set over the academic brilliance in a person. To secure the position in such institutions, one might expect to display their affinities. So as a student, one should learn this invaluable skill as it will provide that extra benefit in the profile to stand out among the competition.

Duration of Short term phaco training in India

Several institutions, like the prominent Mahindra Phaco Training Center, offer two modules of fellowship programs for the students. One of them is hand on SICS and other is hand on Phaco training. To be well-versed in Phaco surgery, it may take from 2 to 6 weeks of training. Additionally, each student will get different kinds of cases assigned. The longer the course is, the more affinity a student develops in the surgery. At average, anyone aiming to establish a flourishing career in the field should opt for 4 to 6 weeks of the training program.

There are several leisure and amenities which Best phaco training in Kanpur provide in addition to the professional courses. A logbook proves beneficial with all the information of participants and procedures carried out by the student. It showcases their skills and growth overtime if presented as a resume. Furthermore, the certification at the end of the course is proof that the person is a qualified professional for Phaco Surgery.